Online Scout Manager (OSM)

Beacon Scout Group use a system called ‘Online Scout Manager’ (OSM). Parents/carers of new members will be sent an invite to use the system to the email address supplied at registration. Please keep an eye out for the message.

Once you log in this system it gives you the facility to:

  • See the programme, what’s on, where, what time and what you need to do/bring.
  • See your child’s progress through badges and awards.
  • Receive invites to events and sign up.
  • Sign up electronically to Gift Aid (you will receive a separate invitation for Gift Aid).

It is your responsibility to keep your child’s details up to date so we know how to contact you in case of emergency, or of any additional needs your child may have when we are planning a balanced programme for everyone to participate in.

When you receive the invite, please log in ASAPand check the details we have recorded for you and complete all remaining boxes. If there is any data you do not wish us to retain electronically, it is for you to leave those boxes blank, but if the data will affect your child’s health, safety or well being whilst in our care, please bring those issues to our attention via other means before they attend their first event with us.

Photo permission

When selecting photo permission we have 3 levels:

  • Full permission to use photos of your child. This includes our outward facing Facebook page, website, press and internal publications.
  • Partial permission to use photos of your child. This excludes public publication, but includes the Facebook Group (only open to members of Beacon Scout Group), internal documentation.
  • Not to be used.
  • Please note that we cannot guarantee to not take photographs of your child, you never know when your child might ‘photo bomb’, even accidentally. It is what we are then doing with that image you are giving permission for. Please note that we cannot take any responsibility for third parties taking photographs.

Online Scout Manager is GDPR compliant. Personal data will be removed at the end of the term the person ceased to be a member, and will be destroyed at the end of the following term. If your child is moving to another group, we can transfer that data automatically, but please let us know within 4 weeks of leaving.

Any problems or questions with OSM please email (Phil).