Beacon Scout Group

Our Beaver Scout Colony has members aged between 5 3/4 and 8 at meets from 6pm – 7pm.
Our Cub Scout Pack has members aged 8 – 10½ and meets from 7.15pm – 8.30pm.
Our Scout Troop is for young people aged from 10½ – 14years and meets from 7.15pm – 9pm.

All Sections at Beacon meet on Mondays. Most meetings take place at the Beacon Church Centre, Whetty Lane, Rubery, however we sometimes meet elsewhere for specific activities. Members should check the programme weekly for meeting location details.

Beacon Scout Group is sponsored by Beacon Church Centre, which helps us keep the cost of running the Scout Group as low as we do.

In return for the sponsorship we ask all Beavers, Cubs and Scouts to do their best to attend the 5 Church Parades held each year, as well as St George’s Day Parade which is run by Rea Valley District.
All members are expected to wear smart dark trousers and shoes in addition to their uniform top & neckerchief for official occasions such as Church Parades and public events.

We operate a system whereby young people can collect points for attending Church Parade. Anyone who attends all six parades in a year will be in receipt of a prize at the Annual General Meeting. Anyone who attends at least half will be recognised in some way at the AGM.



Currently subscriptions are £96 per year which we collect at £8 per calendar month. We have not increased our subs since 2013. The preferred method of payment is by standing order, payable the first week of each month starting from the beginning of the month immediately after your child is invested.

We are unable to make refunds for non-attendance/school holidays (including summer holidays). We will make every effort not to cancel meetings, unless we cannot secure sufficient adult cover to safely run a meeting.

Gift Aid

If you pay tax on your earnings please make a gift aid declaration. You will be invited to make a Gift Aid declaration before you start to pay subs. HMRC allow us to claim 25p for every £1 you pay in subscriptions, which helps us keep your subs down. Once you’ve signed up there is nothing else to do. It costs you nothing.


Members will get the opportunity to take part in fund raising events where funds will be split between group funds and the child’s camp bank account. That account can be used to pay or part pay for camps and activities. On leaving the group, any remaining funds raised go back to the group.
Where does all the money go?

The Scout Movement is a voluntary organisation and none of our Leaders receive any monetary or other rewards for the time that they give to running the sections.


We are a uniformed organisation, if your child decides to join us you will need to purchase a Beaver jumper, Cub jumper or Scout shirt. Uniform can be purchased on line at the official Scout site, or from School Days in Bromsgrove.

Please note polo shirts are an optional extra and are not official uniform.
Group Neckerchiefs, a Woggle and Membership Badges will be presented when children are invested.

The first will be supplied by the Group free of charge, if lost there will be a charge to replace them.


The Investiture takes place usually around four to six weeks after joining the section, when the prospective member has learned the Promise and Law relevant to the section they are joining and have purchased the uniform. The short ceremony consists of the prospective member reciting their Promise in front of all other members. After this the new member is presented with the Group Neckerchief, woggle and badges. Parents may attend if invited by their child and Leaders.


Discipline is an important part in the running of a section, all members without exception, will be expected to behave well at all times whilst in the care of the Leaders. Some of the activities carried out by the Group are by their very nature hazardous, therefore discipline and good behaviour, must become second nature.

We reserve the right to send a child home if their behaviour causes a health and safety risk to others.

All activities of the Group will be run in accordance to the rules and regulations of The Scout Association.