The Leadership Team

The Group is lead by a Group Scout Leader (GSL), who is assisted by an Assistant Group Scout Leader (AGSL). They make every effort to ensure that each Section in the Group has an adequate leadership team. They will also ensure that the development of the young people is co-ordinated throughout their progress in Scouting.

An essential part of this process is support to all of the adults who are involved in Scouting. The GSL is helped by those adults who work directly with the young people and by the Group Chairperson. The Chairperson leads the Group Executive Committee, which provides support to the Group through administration, fundraising and a very wide range of support activities.

Once a year the Group holds an Annual General Meeting of the Group Council (including of all adults connected to the Group) on the last Monday in June.

The AGM reports on the year’s events and elections of the Group’s officers and Executing will take place. This provides a forum for comment and future planning.